Give today. Your gift matters.

Help us fulfill our mission to provide for the health, safety and happiness of Kansas kids!

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Help us fulfill our mission to provide for the health, safety and happiness of Kansas kids!

We are living in an interesting time and are every day faced with scenarios and the creation of new norms. Like your business, the Kansas Children’s Foundation is working to make sure the needs are met for those who rely on our funding to make their world better. Thanks to the support we’ve previously received, the Foundation will continue to:

  • Provide individual assistance to Kansas families struggling to pay for medical related travel or prescriptions;
  • Brighten the day for pediatric patients at the children’s hospital through music therapy and pet therapy; and
  • Engage with other charities to make sure we are efficiently and successfully collaborating to meet unprecedented community needs.

As each and every one of you are adapting to new challenges mentally, physically, & financially with the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic we want you all to know that with this emerging crisis we are choosing to look at this as an opportunity for us to connect with the community more than ever during this unforeseen event. Face-to-face interactions are a key component of connection and relationship building for the Foundation and are now inappropriate in nearly all situations at this time. So for some time, “socially distancing” will prevent us from making our everyday communal connections that help our mission but we plan on virtually informing you of all the good your dollars are doing in the community. We anticipate new challenges in the weeks ahead but this will not deter our involvement in helping and partnering with Wesley Children’s Hospital, all other organizations, and families and making sure that we are an immediate resource to help meet all needs for each child in every way possible.

With that being said, your gifts support research, children’s programs, immediate safety precautions, and other efforts relevant to the COVID-19 crisis with keeping the health, safety and happiness of each Kansas child first. The fundraising element that we as a nonprofit depend on is in our direct correlation with our WHY – implementations of innovations capable of advancing children’s health. We thank you for your continued support, especially during this critical time and we hope you keep your community in mind and our opportunity to help those in need with your help!

We are all connected like never before and are called upon to be our best selves with patience, understand and compassion. If you know of a Kansas family with a sick or injured child that could benefit from financial support, please encourage them to contact us at